Friday, July 29, 2011

High summer at the garden

It's the end of July, and the garden is hopping, literally. We have had a few baby bunnies that have gotten trapped inside the fence, and kids and grown-ups have scared them half to death by chasing them. I think they are too big to fit in now as I haven't seen any for awhile. I found a papery snakeskin in my tomatoes today, evidence that we still have critters inside the garden (glad I didn't see the snake).

Here's a picture of the garden from the beginning of the season:
And here it is now. That patch with the grass mulch is now full of zinnias and sunflowers, decorations for a gardener's upcoming wedding.
Here are some other photos from the garden:
The entrance sign and sunflower wall from the Art & Ecology students' service learning project

One of the tipis made for morning glories, also by the Art & Ecology class.

Kale in Karla and Nathan's plot

A pepper plant in one of Mark's many plots

No fear, these are from my garden, not the wedding decoration plot.

Like a sunset in flower form

So much tasty produce is growing in these little plots.

Hurray for the ripening of the tomatoes!

The sweet potato stacks workshop

A few photos from the sweet potato workshop:

The stacks are pretty easy - 3 tires filled with a 75/25 mixture of sand and soil, planted with sweet potato starts. The sweet potatoes like to have a sawn-off milk jug placed over them for a few weeks, then a shade (an old wood shingle is the best), and plenty of water. At the end of the season, you remove the tires, and the potatoes are easy to harvest from the mound of sand.